Photo (Image) of Cashew Nut Plants: काजू के पौधे का फोटो

Photo (Image) of Cashew Nut Plants: काजू के पौधों का फोटो INTRODUCTION: Cashew Nut (काजू) NAME: Cashew Nut

HINDI NAME: Kaju (काजू)

English Name: Anacardium occidental

TYPE: Fruit plant, Subtropical, Woody Plant/Tree, Hard Tree.

Hieght: Medium.

Cashew nut or Kaju (काजू in Hindi) is a subtropical, annual woody plant/tree. It is known for its fruit. The fruit of kaju consists two parts- 1. Apple. 2. Nut. Apple is juicy and nut is hard. The seed obtain from the nuts is edible. It is very expensive.

IMAGES: Cashew Nut
 Image 01: Cashew Nut Plant
Image 02-03 Cashew Nut Inflorescence

Image 04-07: Plants growing along with weeds

Image 08-13: Thala around the stem


Photo (Images): Litchi Lytchee- Lichi ka photo (लीची का फ़ोटो). Photos of litchi inflorescence. Litchi ke phool ka photo. लीची के फूल का फोटो।

INDEX 1. Introduction: Litchi (लीची) 2. Images: Litchi Plant/Tree
1. INTRODUCTION: Litchi (लीची)TYPE: Fruit Plant/Tree SCIENTIFIC NAME: Lychee chinensis FAMILY: Sapindaceae.
2. IMAGES: Litchi Plant/Tree Image 01: Litchi Tree

Image 02 - 07: Litchi Plants

Image 09 - 13: Flowering in Litchi

Image 14 - 15: Multi Storied Plantation With Coconut

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Photos/Image: Mango Flower Inflorescence

Photo/Image: Mango Flower Inflorescence  INDEX INTRODUCTION: Mango Inflorescence IMAGE: Mango Inflorescence
INTRODUCTION Mango Inflorescence is a buch of small flowers. The growth is terminal. It appears in mago tree after winter season. 
IMAGE 1. Mango Inflorescence (flower bloom) 2. Mango Inflorescence on Main Stem 3. Mango Inflorescence on Main Branch 4. Mango Inflorescence on Secondary Branch 5. The Malformed Mango Inflorescence 6. Second Tree Without Inflorescence
1. Image 01.

2. Image 02.

3. Image 03.

4. Image 04.

5. Image 05.

6. Image 06.

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