Photo (Image/Pic):: Marigold || Chandaini Genda: चंदैनी गेंदा

Introduction: Chandaini Genda (चंदैनी गेंदा)

This is the post for images of Marigold Species locally known as 'Chandaini Genda' in English and 'चंदैनी गेंदा' in Hindi.


Basic Information

Images: Chandaini Genda

2.1 Image 01: Flowering and Flower Characteristics.
2.2 Image 02: Stem Colour and Characteristics.
2.3 Image 03: Buds.
2.4 Image 04: Leaf Characteristics.
2.5 Image 05: Seed.

1. Basic Information

Type: Seasonal flower.

Scientific Name: Tagetes spp.

Occurrence: Asia, Africa, Americas etc.

2. Images: Chandaini Genda

2.1 Image 01: Flowering and Flower Characteristics

Image: Chandaini Genda Flowering Plant.

Flowers are small in size. The average diameter of a fully grown flower is 3 cm. Regular blooming can be seen after first bloom. Petal colour is more deeper than the in outside petals. Many flowers are found in a single branch. Blooming starts 1.5 - 2 months after transplanting.

2.2 Image 02: Stem Colour and Characteristics

Image: Chandaini genda Stem Colour (Characteristic of stem).
Stem is carmine or maroon coloured. Main stem has several branches. Main stem of the plant has some roots above ground level.

2.3 Image 03: Buds

Image: Chandaini genda buds.
Buds are smaller than the other varieties of marigold. Bud starts 1 - 1.5 months after transplanting and 25 days or 1 month after pinching.

2.4 Image 04: Leaf Characteristics

Image: Chandaini genda leaves.
Leaf colour is rust or sienna. Leaf are arranged opposite to each other. Leaves are serrated.

2.5 Image 05: Seed

Seeds are solid and black in colour.


1. Photo/Image: Subabul.
2. Photo/Image: African Marigold.
3. Photo/Image: Chandaini Genda.


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