Photo (Image/Pic.):: Doob (Bermuda) Grass (Cynodon dactylon): दूब घास

TAGS- Image of Doob Grass. Photos of Bermuda Grass. दूब घास। Pics of Doob Grass.


1. INTRODUCTION: Doob (Bermuda) Grass

2. IMAGES: Doob Grass

1. INTRODUCTION: Doob (Bermuda) Grass

TYPE: Evergreen grass.

BOTANICAL NAME: Cynodon dactylon.

OCCURRENCE: Asia, Africa, Americas, Australia, Europe.

PROPAGATION: Seed, divisions.

USES: As garden grass, insport grounds, lawn strips.

2. IMAGES: Doob Grass

Total 8 images

2.1 IMAGE 01: Identification

Image: Doob grass in a field.
It is fast spreading species of grass. It belongs to the family Graminae. Identify it observing image 01.

2.2 IMAGE 02: Spreading Habit

Image: Spreading grass

It spreads in all direction. Single division spreads very fast. It takes help of intermediate nodes for spreading. Nodes produce oots to hold soil parts.

2.3 IMAGE 03: Division

Image: Single division

Every division starts from the base of the grass.

2.4 IMAGE 04: Nodes

Image: Nodes

Many nodes are present in a single node. Node can easily be distinguished from other parts of the grass.

2.5 IMAGE 05: Roots

Image: Roots of doob grass

Roots appear from nodes. This helps grass to spread in nearby areas. Roos are fine.

2.6 IMAGE 06: Species 01

Note the colour of stem

2.7 IMAGE 07: Species 02

Note colour of stem


2.8 IMAGE 08: Leaves

Note colour of leaves

Note colour of leaves

Leaves are narrow.



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