Photo (Image/Pic): Sour Sujla Yojna Chhattisgarh (C.G.)

TAGS: सौर सुजला योजना फोटो (Sour Shukla Yojna Photo)। सौर सुजला योजना छत्तीसगढ़ (Sour Sujla Yojna Chhattisgarh)।


1. INTRODUCTION: Sour Sujla Yojana

2. IMAGES: Sour Sujla Yojana

  • 2.1 Image 01 & 02: Sour Sujla Solar Panel for 3 hp Pump.
  • 2.2 Image 03: Solar Panel Installation.
  • 2.3 Image 04 & 05: Metre Box of Solar Panel (System).
  • 2.4 Image 06: Sensor.
  • 2.5 Image 07: Antenna.
  • 2.6 Image 08: Earthing.
  • 2.7 Image 09: Pumpunit.


Sour Sujla Yojna is a very important scheme launched by the government of chhattisgarh for the sake of farmers. The scheme is made for the group of farmers who have no access electricity.

TYPE: Governmental Scheme.

RELATED STATE: Chhattisgarh.

WORK AREA: All districts.


SCHEME FOR: All categories of farmers.

  • Land- Minimum land requirement is more than 1 acre.


2.1 Image 01 & 02: Sour Sujla Solar Panel for 3 hp Pump

Image: Solar panel set up 

Image: Solar panel close up view

Other schemes include:

  • 2 hp system.
  • 5 hp system.

2.2 Image 03: Solar Panel Installation

Image: Back side picture

2.3 Image 04 & 05: Metre Box of Solar Panel (System)

Image: Metre box 01

Image: Metre box 02
Metre box is:

  • Centre point of the whole system.
  • Store current energy from sun.
  • Delivers it to motor.

2.4 Image 06: Sensor

Image: Senser
Sensor should be handled with care.

2.5 Image 07: Antenna

Image: Antenna
Antenna work as earthing unit.

2.6 Image 08: Earthing

Image: Earthing connection
It is connected with antenna.

2.7 Image 09: Pump Unit

Image: 3 hp submersible pump set



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