Photo (Image/Pic): Species of African Marigold

African Marigold Photos/Images- Photos of different Species/Subspecies of African Marigold. Petal Arrangement in African Marigold. Single Florets Species of African Marigold. Multiple Florets Species of  African Marigold.


1. Introduction: African Marigold

2. Images: Subspecies of African Marigold

2.1 Image 01: Tagetes spp. with numerous dense petals.2.2 Image 02Tagetes spp. with single florets.2.3 Image 03Tagetes spp. with multiple florets.2.4 Image 04Tagetes spp. with single florets.2.5 Image 05Tagetes spp. with numerous dense petals.2.6 Image 06Tagetes spp. with multiple florets.

1. Introduction: African Marigold

African marigold is a species of seasonally grown marigold. The species is different from French marigold. 

Type: Seasonal flower.

Botanical Name: Tagetes spp.

Family: Asteraceae.

Occurrence: Asian and African countries.

2. Images: Subspecies of African Marigold

2.1 Image 01:

Image 01: Tagetes spp. with numerous dense petals

2.2 Image 02:

Image 02: Tagetes spp. with single florets

2.3 Image 03:

Image 03: Tagetes spp. with multiple florets

2.4 Image 04:

Image 04: Tagetes spp. with single florets.

2.5 Image 05:

Image 05Tagetes spp. with numerous dense petals (Note colour variation).

2.6 Image 06:

 Image 06Tagetes spp. with multiple florets (note colour variation).



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