Photos (Images/Pic.): Laterite Soil (लैटेराइट सॉइल), Murum Mitti (मुरुम मिट्टी)

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1. INTRODUCTION: Laterite Soil.

2. IMAGES: Laterite Soil.

2.1 IMAGE 01: Laterite Soil.

2.2 IMAGE 02: Characteristics of Laterite Soil.

2.3 IMAGE03: Nature of Laterite Soil.

2.4 IMAGE04: Water Holding Capacity.

2.5 IMAGE 05: Occurrence.

2.6 Image 06: Soil Reclamation.

2.7 Image 07: Seed Sowing.

2.8 Image 08: Crop Cultivation.

2.9 Image 09: Plantation.

2.10 Image 10: Other Vegetation.

1. INTRODUCTION: Laterite Soil

Laterite soil is a type of soil. It is very important group of soil.

TYPE: Soil.

NATURE: Acidic.


CULTIVATED CROPS: Agronomy and horticultural crops.



2. IMAGES: Laterite Soil

2.1 Image 01: Laterite Soil

Image: Laterite Soil

  • It is found in tropical and subtropical areas. 
  • It is rich in iron.


2.2 Image 02: Characteristics of Laterite Soil

Image: Soil texture of laterite soil

Characteristics of laterite soil are as follows:

  • Colour is red.
  • Rich in iron and aluminum.
  • It is gravel rich soil.
  • Dries very fast.
  • cracking appears in dried condition.

2.3 Image 03: Nature of Laterite Soil

Image: A soil clot of laterite soil

  • Water erosion is high.
  • Soil adhesion is dominant.

2.4 Image 04: Water Holding Capacity

Image: Close up view

Water holding capacity is very low. It dries very fast during summer season.

2.5 Image 06: Occurrence

Image: Soil profile

  • It is found 1 to 2 feet below soil surface.
  • In many areas, where it is main soil type, It can be found on upper surface.

2.6 Image 06: Soil Reclamation

Image: Soil Management in laterite soil
Soil reclamation is done by:

  • Application of FYM.
  • Application of vermicompost.
  • Application of other soil media.

2.7 Image 07: Seed Sowing

Image: Seed Sowing on laterite soil
Seed are sown after soil reclamation.

2.8 Image 08: Crop Cultivation

Image: Cow pea Plants on laterite soil
List of crops grown in laterite soil is as follows:

  • Groundnut.
  • Pigeon pea.
  • Cowpea.

2.9 Image 09: Plantation

Image: A subabul Plant on laterite soil

  • Fruit crops such as cashew nut and almond.
  • Agroforestry plants such as acacia and river tamarind.

2.10 Image 10: Other Vegetation

  • Weed, such as doob grass.



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