Image (Photo/Pic): Thorny Nightshade Plant: Nightshade Fruit, Flowers and Leaves Bhejari/Bhejri (भेजरी)

TAGS: Image/Photo Nightshade Plant, Leaves, Flowers and Fruits. Bhejari/Bhejri भेजरी.


1. Introduction: Thorny Nightshade.

2. Images: Thorny Nightshade.

2.1 Image 01: Thorny Nightshade Plant
2.2 Image 02 - 04: Branching in Plant
2.3 Image 05: Stem
2.4 Image 06: Leaves
2.5 Image 07: Flower buds
2.6 Image 08: Flowers
2.7 Image 08: Fruits

1. INTRODUCTION: Thorny Nightshade

TYPE: Seasonal flowering and fruiting plant.

HINDI NAME: Bhatkataiya भटकटैया.

ENGLISH NAME: Thorny nightshade plant, yellow nightshade plant.

OTHER NAMES: Bhejari kanta भेजरी काँटा.

USES: Fruits as vegetable and medicinal purpose.

OCCURRENCE: Waste lands.

PLANT DESCRIPTION: In image descriptions.

The Thorny Nightshade Plant is also known as Yellow-Nightshade Plant. The plant is very hardy and resistant to insect-pests and diseases. It can be seen growing on the place where other crops fail to survive. It is a very important multipurpose plant. We can address it as wild brinjal cherry.

2. IMAGES:Thorny Nightshade 

2.1 Image 01: Thorny Nightshade Plant

  • Plant is a creeper. 
  • All parts of plant bear sharp spine.

2.2 Image 02 - 04: Branching in Plant

  • Excessive branching,
  • Branches are soft.
  • Branches bear forks.

2.3 Image 05: Stem

  • Stem is soft.
  • Stem bears spines.

2.4 Image 06: Leaves

  • Leaves are broad.
  • Leaves bear spines.

2.5 Image 07: Flower buds

  • Flower buds are small.
  • Colour is bluish green.

2.6 Image 08: Flowers

  • Flowers are small.
  • Colour is blue.

2.7 Image 08: Fruits

  • Fruits are cherry.
  • Seed contains numerous seeds.


4.     Photo/Image: Litchi


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