Photo/Image: Pigeon Pea (Red Gram) Sterility Mosaic Disease

Pigeon Pea Sterility Mosaic Disease: Image of Pigeon Pea (Red Gram) Sterility Mosaic. Image for Characteristics and Symptoms of Pigeon Pea Sterility Mosaic Disease.


1. INTRODUCTION: Pigeon Pea Sterility Mosaic

2. IMAGES: Pigeon Pea Sterility Mosaic

  • 2.1 Image 01 & 02: Pigeon Pea Sterility Mosaic.

  • 2.2 Image 03 to 06: Types.

  • 2.3 Image 07 to 15: Other Images.


TYPE: Disease.

CAUSE: Virus.

VECTOR: Red Gram Sterility Mite (Aceria cajani).

IDENTIFICATION: Stunted Growth of Plants.

IMPORTANCE: Economic Loss.

TREATMENT: Mechanical and Physical and Chemical.

Sterility mosaic of red gram or pigeon pea is a viral disease of pigeon pea. All plants can be affected by the disease. But, generally 20 - 25 plants out of 500 plants can seen affected by the disease. The disease is very important. Plant, once affected by the disease become nonproductive. Mostly vegetative growth is observed. Severely attacked field sees economical loss.


2.1 Image 01 & 02: Pigeon Pea Sterility Mosaic

  • Plants are stunted.
  • Plants are nonproductive.
  • Inter nodes are short.
  • Bunch like appearance can be seen.

2.2 Image 03 to 06: Types

  • Type 1: Flowers appear after appearance of the disease. Numbers of flowers are less.

  • Type 2: More vegetative growth. Chlorotic spots can be seen.

2.3 Image 07 to 15: Other Images



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