Photo (Image/Pic.): Accacia, Babool, Bamboor

Photo/Image: Babool (Accacia)- Images of Babool. Images of Accacia.



2. IMAGES: Babool.

  • 2.1 Image 01 - 03: Subabool Plant/Tree.
  • 2.2 Image 04: Branching.
  • 2.3 Image 05 - 06: Spine.
  • 2.4. Image 07: Leaf.
  • 2.5 Image 08: Flowers.



  • Hindi: Babool.
  • English: Accacia.
  • Local Languages: Bamboor.

Family: Fabaceae.

Babool is an important woody plant. It is an agro forest plant. It helps in fixation of atmosphere nitrogen into soil surface. It can be grown around the main field as nitrogen fixer. It is an easily available plant. The growth of the plant is medium fast. The plant becomes a big tree within 4-5 years.


2.1 Image 01 - 03: Subabool Plant/Tree

  • It is a hard tree.
  • It is nitrogen fixing tree which is utilized by other plants like rice.
  • It is found in India, other Asian countries, African countries, Australian countries, American countries etc.

2.2 Image 04: Branching

  • Main branches and secondary branches less in number.
  • Tertiary branches are more than the primary and secondary branches.
  • Branches have thin barks.

2.3 Image 05 - 06: Spine

  • Apne can be seen all over the tree.
  • Forks are very sharp and hard.
  • Only matured stem is spineless.
  • Leaves are also spineless.
  • Spine reduces water loss through transportation.

2.4. Image 07: Leaf

  • Leaves are similar to tamarind and river tamarind leaves.
  • Opposite leaf arrangement is found with one central projecten.
  • Leaves are numerous.

2.5 Image 08: Flowers

  • Flower colour is yellow.
  • Flowers are very small. 
  • Male and female flowers are found on same tree.



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