Photo (Image) of Cashew Nut Plants: काजू के पौधे का फोटो

Photo (Image) of Cashew Nut Plants: काजू के पौधों का फोटो

INTRODUCTION: Cashew Nut (काजू)

NAME: Cashew Nut

HINDI NAME: Kaju (काजू)

English Name: Anacardium occidental

TYPE: Fruit plant, Subtropical, Woody Plant/Tree, Hard Tree.

Hieght: Medium.

Cashew nut or Kaju (काजू in Hindi) is a subtropical, annual woody plant/tree. It is known for its fruit. The fruit of kaju consists two parts- 1. Apple. 2. Nut. Apple is juicy and nut is hard. The seed obtain from the nuts is edible. It is very expensive.

IMAGES: Cashew Nut

 Image 01: Cashew Nut Plant

Image 02-03 Cashew Nut Inflorescence

Image 04-07: Plants growing along with weeds

Image 08-13: Thala around the stem

Image 14-17: Plants with red gram

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